How to Come Up With a perfect Explainer Video Script

//How to Come Up With a perfect Explainer Video Script

As a marketer, you want to ensure that your marketing strategies are all hits. From SEO to social media marketing and now explainer videos, all are nothing if they are not done right. These days many online marketers have turned to video marketing since it has power over the other forms of marketing. An explainer video is a short video that’s usually placed on your website to explain to your visitors your products and services and how your business will be of help to them. Just like any other video, these also need to have a script. A good script will ensure that the explainer video delivers in selling your business world over. Here are handy tips you need when creating a perfect script for your website.

a)   Always get straight to the point

An excellent animated explainer video needs to be short, but at the same time directly deliver an idea. It should be short so that it does not bore your audience. On the same breath, the script for the short video also needs to be simple. Avoid explaining everything that your company does. You need to get straight to the main points and only include what is essential and should appear in the video.

b)   Focus on your visitors

Your audience should be the most important thing that you need to keep in mind when creating your explainer video. Ensure you help them to solve their problems without selling them anything. Instead, you need to convince them that you can help improve their lives. This way, they will trust you and want to try out your products or services. Try not to talk too much about your products and their features at the expense of your audience. This way you will end up losing on conversion as they will think you are self-centered and desperate.

c)    Include humor in the script

For a video to go viral you will notice that it must have some humor nature in it, so is the script. When your content is funny, there is a high chance that I will be shared more. Always try to find an unexpectedly amusing angle of what you do in the business and pull humor out of that. Let people laugh, and those shares will be many. However, remember that you need not be funny for the sake of being funny. You do not have to force things out.

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