Elements of a Good Quality Explainer Video

//Elements of a Good Quality Explainer Video

An explainer video allows your audience to learn about your product through audiovisuals which is more conducive to the human brain since more than one sense is involved. This ensures a good deal of success for both the video and the brand; consumers get all the required information at once without having to figure out what the pitch is about or what you are selling to them. It is inherent therefore that one fully understands the elements that make a good explainer video before making one.


Voice is that which further explains what your product or service is to the consumer. Voice incorporates the background music, sound effects and the voice over used in the video. A professional voice over recorded on the right recording software in a recording booth should be considered alongside appropriate background music and sound effects they all work together to create the mood and set a tone in the video.Voice is used as an emotive tool in the video to the benefit of the product or service as it appeals to the emotions of the consumer hence they relate more to the product or service.


The right goals should be put in place to help determine the outcome of the video. The right goals ultimately trigger the right results from the target audience and also ensure that a clear plan is set into motion with the audience knowing what they should do at the end of the video. The objectives of the explainer video should be set alongside the goals to ensure that the message gets to the intended audience at the stipulated time.


A set form or formula allows the seller of product or service to follow particular stages when making the explainer video first they introduce themselves then proceed on to state the problem then move on to solving the problem posed while explaining how the product or service being sold helps to solve the problem. A call to action can also be placed strategically telling the consumers why they need to acquire the product to solve their existing problems.


A good well thought out script leads to a good quality explainer video. The script shows how the story unfolds and then used to develop the storyboard which is the visual representation of the script and mostly done by a professional illustrator.

A script provides an opportunity for one to match the tone of the explainer video to that of the brand. Scripting defines the style of the video and offers storytelling as an alternative to explaining what the product is about to the consumers.


The time within which what content information should be delivered as the video progresses is an element that should be put in consideration to make sure that significant content is delivered as soon as possible before the audience loses attention on the video. The most important information should be delivered within the first thirty seconds when the audience concentration is still high, and other details should follow but not exceeding ninety seconds.


The visuals should work in tandem with the script, storyboard, and audio to attract the audience and hold them captive until the intended message is passed. An animator is best fit to create the visuals in a proper production studio to produce the desired results regarding quality. The elements presented work harmoniously towards the production of a good quality explainer video that meets the demands of a brand while educating audiences about the product and services and converting them to consumers.

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