Here Is What an Explainer Video Will Do to Your Site

//Here Is What an Explainer Video Will Do to Your Site

Gone are the days when marketing your website would only mean lots of SEO campaigns. These days, marketers are coming up with new and creative ways of marketing a site, such as using explainer videos. These are short animated videos which explain a business in a simple yet engaging way. A perfect explainer video should be both appealing and attractive. They have a myriad of benefits and according to research; these videos boost the sales of a site by up to 20%. If you have not used them yet, then you need to after reading what they can do to your site.

They will clarify your product’s objective

Different people have different ways of interpreting whatever they read, on your website, people may have different ways of understanding your written content and water down the intended purpose. Explainer videos know this reality and therefore take the guesswork out of the equation and explain the usefulness of your products and services in a clear way. They will help your visitors to understand better your product and services. Also, they will help you to better connect with your clients and potential clients as they explain to them how they will benefit from your product and services.

They increase your web traffic

With a good explainer video for your site, your site is set to have a significant viewing when the video, popping from nowhere goes viral within a short period. Various products like Apple iOS 5, Google Currents, Sham Wow, Dove, Old Spice and more, had gained popularity when their videos went viral. When a video goes viral, most people view it and in turn visit your site to make a purchase. This, in turn, makes your website to be ranked high on different search engines, and a higher conversion rate is realized.

Your visitors retain information

A Research by Wharton Research Center reveals that an average person keeps only 10% of what they read. However, they retain up to 50% of whatever they see. This means a lot to businesses, that if they choose videos in advertising their products and services and reduce on written content, then they will be able to reach a broader audience. Create impressive videos for your products and services, and if your visitors love them, then they will share those videos. Within no time, such videos will be trending, and you will, in turn, realize an increase in sales.

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